These are actual videos that I have captured from the game. I also have included a link for downloading the .avi file.

This shot is a 14k white-out kill. A white-out hit happens when you know that your opponent has bounce for defense, you can hit him with a certain weapon, and the weapon goes beserk, trying to nail your ship. However the ship is also trapped with mags. Once the feed-back pattern is broken when a 'kicker' weapon finally kicks in, it will start doing massive hits as the warheads cycles starts to continue.

Download AVI 14.6 Mb 2:31


This video is from a game that I play. Apparenly, there was a technical flaw and the game got stuck. Someone fired a weapon called a geddon that blows up all of the planets, then it regenerates. Apparenly, there was no suitable point for this ship to land, but it is just bouncing like a basket ball. I decided to capture this video before I killed the game, after waiting for about 7 hours for it to correct itself. You can find this game on www.warheads.net

Videos still getting ready to go on youtube.com, but available as an AVI

Praliasis was trying a shot AVI 11.01 Mb 00:45

Bouncing around... AVI 2.12 Mb 00:19

Almost Got Him AVI 15.31 Mb 00:37

Gnildir gets snuffed AVI 22.9 Mb 00:55

M4tilda goofs up on a shot AVI 8.18 Mb 01:11

Nice Share AVI 5.71 Mb 00:44

10k+ nice shot AVI 18.74 Mb 01:04

Ate my Geddon AVI 27.77 Mb 01:39

Old Skool Weap AVI 6.41 Mb 00:47

This is Dave's fault for this broken shot AVI 9.51 Mb 01:47

Nice 2'fer AVI 11.06 Mb 00:43

This is an unusual move for a walker. It's teetering back and forth like it's confused or something, but actually, it got stuck. AVI 7.73 Mb 00:28

I am working on a project and thought this would be a nice intro, till Sgt. Bilko had to say something stupid! AVI 10.9 Mb 01:28

Dark Malace and I did an all bounce game, and this is a nice white-out ending... He still beat me by score by a very small margin a measley 482 points!. AVI 19.57 Mb 2:02