Gnildir's Retro Warheads Websites Archive

I I am working on collecting archives of old Warheads websites and posting them in here. Not all links work because some of the links dont exist anymore as they did not properly get archived as well as the old files. It is the same thing with pictures too, a lot of them are missing. However, if you do have an archive of any old sites that are still intact (they dont have to be complete), please send me an email. IIf you remember any old sites that you used to visit, but no longer exist, please send me an email of the link.

thanks and enjoy!

Weird Al Walker Warheads Websites

Retro64 archive captured May 11th, 2001 - This was when Retro64 was selling warheads.

Racoon's Ultra Weapons Editor

Col Pt



CyberVenom's weapons editing site.

Lords of the Realm

Purdue Pete

Spam Brigade