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WARNING!!!!!! I found a program on the 'net that is made for Warheads, but has the Win95/CIH VIRUS in it! If you see "WarHeadsTrainer.exe" anywhere, DELETE IT ON SIGHT!!!!

December 1997 I downloaded an incredible game after seeing it in PCGamer. I've been playing it ever since. Unfortunately, I didn't like the Weapon Editor that came with it, so I only dabbled in making my own .WEP files... Then I came up with an idea, and "Weird Al Walker's Warheads Weapon Warehouse" was born!

What is it? Imagine if you will being able to pick-and-choose from the best weapons out there, and put them into a single .WEP file to play on the 'net with? You like many of the weapons available from one weapon file, but you'd like to add a few from another, and don't want to play with the editor?

January 30th, 1998, the site is ready to go... Drop by the Warheads Weapon Warehouse, browse through the weapons, picking and choosing the ones you like, fill in the order form and send it in... A few hours (or a few minutes) later your custom weapons' file is waiting for you in your mailbox...

If you are interested in submitting a .WEP file to be included in the list, E-Mail me!

What's New?

Warheads Weapon Warehouse: Now with 798 unique weapons available! Keep em coming!

What is Wrong With These Weapons????: TEN.NET thinks these weapons cheat, and nuke you from the game. Why?

Warheads 101: The perfect resource for the budding Warheads player...

Effective Shield Strategies

Basics of Weapon Design

Warheads Links

Warheads Files including 22 .WEP files!

(Completely Gone... Don't even bother...)
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Fine Print: This page has nothing to do with TotalPlay, Ionos or any other company... I put it up because I *love* the game.

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