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Ultra-Weapon Editor by CritterWare is the first and only WarHeads weapon editor made for the hardcore player.
Initial designs of the program were made on Wednesday, September 02, 1998.. and since it has evolved a powerful tool players cannot live without.

Simple and easy to use, UWeapEd is packed full of features to help you beat your opponent.
These features include:

It's simple grid-style interface makes stage editing a snap!  You simply click the stage event you wan't to add to your warhead -- then click the position on the grid you want it to go.  You can even select a whole rectangle on the grid to place that stage, instead of having to do it one at a time.
Additional tools make it easy to copy/paste stage events from one warhead to another or even from one weapon to another.  And you can even quickly Undo mistakes you may have made without having to figureout what you did wrong.  Though these tools may seem tricky to use at first, you will get the hang of them very quickly.  There is extensive help for these features explained in the help document that comes with the program.

Added format to the weapon file provides you with the ability to add credits or comments to each weapon and to the weapon file, which the default weapon editor simply ignores but does not strip, so you can trade weapons with your friends and let them know "Your The Man". :)

You can change the order of your weapons in the list so you can put your favorites closer to the top without actually having to remake them again.  You can even create a list of your favorite weapons in the Favorites List, and from there you may save the weapons individually using the Export feature, or Import weapons that you downloaded or got from a friend.  Then you can add them right back to your weapon collection.

Included is the 'Weapon Browser' that lists all of your weapon files with file descriptions, allowing you to search though every weapon w/ weapon credits to quickly find and edit on the fly.

Create a Weapon Report to print out and use as an easy referance for when you're playing the game.  This can help you alot of time scrolling around your list trying to find that one weapon you need `RIGHT NOW'.  - "I'm too slow."

Three 'Game Tools' allow you to customize how you play WarHeads allowing you to modify values such as Offline Cash and Interest so you can play offline games with more than $1000 and 20% interest.  A Batching program that allows the player hosting the game to adjust all values of the game above those TEN limits you to.. (eg: Choose your own game name, Start with $50,000 or 200% interest, or even 5 minute time limits and more).
And Last but Not Least, You can finally play games with MORE than 100 health!  Ever since WarHeads was introduced to TEN and players have been aloud to start with $9900 cash, game play as gotten horrable because weapons got more powerful -- more destructive.  Now that's changed, players can start with either 100 health, 250 health, 500 health or even 1000 health.  The person hosting the game chooses this value, players set thier game to this value, and if players don't all have the same Health -- the game won't work, so there's no room for cheating.

But why are you reading this?  Find out for yourself!  Check out the Gallery for some screen shots of the program or click Download to check it out for yourself!

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